Research Chem Lab is one of the largest Supplier, Agent and Distributors of Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Dissociatives, Chemical Reagent. Acid & Alkaline, Inorganic Chemical Materials, Food Additives, Stimulants, Plant Extract, Raw Steroid Hormones. API in Shanghai and other locations in China. Research Chem Lab has been adhering to the business philosophy of providing the best products. The most efficient service and the most reasonable price for the customers since its establishment in 2016. Pharmaceutical raw material suppliers


Our company is specialized in supplies of starting materials and intermediaries of steroid hormone by bio-conversion, API and intermediate chemical synthesis. More to that, our manufacturers have three R&D centers, which are located at Fermentation Factory, Chemical Synthesis Factory. New product development, process research and process optimization can be carried out at the same time. And it realizes the development, laboratory scale production and pilot production from grams, kilograms to tons. Based on the principle of ecology priority and green development.

Our company has continuously invested in environmental protection, developed and applied green production process. Insistently strengthened pollution management and constantly consolidated the foundation for the operation and development over the years. The future will be better and better. Pharmaceutical raw material suppliers. We will continue to make our due contribution to human health by science and sincerity uses.

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